Dear Faith Community, 

Our parish office, gift shop, museum, and church are completely closed until the Shelter in Place order is lifted in San Benito County.

All masses, faith formation classes, tours, meetings, and appointments are cancelled per the Bishop's orders. We will only be periodically checking our phones and emails during this time. 

If you have a wedding, quinceañeras or baptism scheduled, we will be contacting you.

Thank you and God bless you,
Mission San Juan Bautista 


A nuestra querida Comunidad de Feligreses, 

La oficina de la parroquia, la tienda, el museo, e iglesia están completamente cerradas hasta que levanten la orden de Shelter in Place en el condado de San Benito. 

Todas las misas, clases, visitas, juntas, y citas están canceladas por orden del Obispo. Durante este tiempo estaremos revisando sus mensajes telefónicos y correo electrónico de vez en cuando solamente. 

Si tiene una boda, quinceañera o bautismo programados, nosotros le llamaremos a usted. 

Gracias y bendiciones,
La Misi6n San Juan Bautista 


It is with great joy that we anticipate the baptism of your child into the Catholic faith.

Due to the sanctity of the Sacrament of Baptism and assuming that the child will be raised in the practice of the Catholic faith, preparation is required for all baptisms.

Please read the following guidelines and requirements. It is our intention to make this a joyous and wonderful celebration for you, your child and your family.

The baptism will be scheduled following the completion of pre-baptism instruction and receipt of all documentation.

Please contact the Parish Office at 831-623-2127 if you have questions.



If not members of this parish, a letter from your pastor stating that you are in good standing with the church, that the pastor gives permission for your child to be baptized in another parish.

Attendance at a pre-baptism instruction class. (Attendance within 24 months with a certificate of completion will be acceptable.)

Completed Baptism Inquiry Form - English or Spanish

A copy of the child's birth certificate.

A stipend for group Baptism: $100 for one child and $150 for 2 or more children.   $250 donation for private baptism.

Parents are to select one or two Catholics in good standing with the Catholic Church to serve as the child's Godparent(s). Only a Catholic person can be a Godparent sponsoring a child into the Catholic Church. A Godparent must meet the following criteria (per Canon Law): Must be over the age of 16; Must be a confirmed Catholic; In good standing with the Catholic Church; If married, must be married through the Catholic Church; If the parents cannot designate more than one Catholic for this important role, then one non-Catholic who is baptized and belongs to a non-Catholic Christian denomination can be a "Christian Witness". If there will be a Christian Witness, there must also be a qualied Catholic Godparent. Christian Witnesses need to provide proof of baptism, a letter from their pastor stating that they are in good standing in their church, and must attend the Catholic pre-baptism class. FOR ALL GODPARENTS, we need - A letter from your pastor stating that you are in good standing with the Catholic Church.

A certificate or letter stating that you have attended the pre-baptism class. (May attend with the parents in their parish.)

Christian Witnesses need to provide the following: Proof of Baptism; A letter from your pastor stating that you are in good standing in your church; Proof of pre-baptism class attendance at a Catholic Church. PRE-BAPTISM CLASSES

Pre-Baptism classes are held on the second Saturday (9 am) of the month in English and the second Tuesday (6 pm) of the month in Spanish by appointment only. Please call the Parish Office (831) 623-2127 to register for a pre-baptism class. Thank you.

View English Baptism Guidelines

View Spanish Baptism Guidelines